Ioana Cozmuta

Founder and CEO

I chose to contribute to the UBB US Alumni Chapter because my years at UBB in Cluj Napoca were transformative and formative in my academic journey. The university provided me with a robust foundation in physics and biophysics, shaping my perspective and equipping me with invaluable skills. I hold a deep affection for UBB, appreciating the rigorous education and support I received during my undergraduate and master studies.

Wanting to give back to the community that nurtured my growth, I am driven to support the building of the alumni network. To me, it’s not just about rekindling old connections, but also about promoting the incredible value that each individual from UBB brings to the world. I am passionate about showcasing the high-quality education and exceptional skills honed at UBB. I believe in the power of organized, focused efforts that can truly make a difference in Romania and beyond.

By contributing to the UBB US Alumni Chapter, I aim to be a part of initiatives that move the needle forward. It’s not just about nostalgia; it’s about recognizing the potential of every UBB graduate, and collectively, we can create a positive impact. I want the world to know about the outstanding education at UBB, and I am enthusiastic about being involved in projects that amplify this message. My affiliation with UBB goes beyond academics; it’s about fostering a sense of pride and unity among the alumni, supporting education, and making meaningful contributions to the community that shaped my academic journey.

Furthermore, my professional journey in the space industry, a field known for its exacting standards and demands, stands as a testament to the exceptional quality of Romanian education, particularly the rigorous training I received at UBB. My experiences, working on complex projects and collaborating with experts from around the world, highlight the depth and breadth of knowledge instilled in me during my studies. I believe that showcasing the achievements of UBB alumni, both locally and internationally, can inspire the new generation of students. It’s not just about acquiring a degree; it’s about understanding the profound impact that a high-quality education can have on one’s career and life. By promoting the excellence of Romanian education, we not only encourage local students to aspire for greatness but also attract international students to experience the enriching academic environment at UBB, fostering a diverse and vibrant community that enhances the overall learning experience.